Welcome   and   thank   you   for   visiting   our   website   and   giving   us   this   opportunity   to   earn   your   business   on your   upcoming   celebration.   Since   1986   , A Touch   Of   Class   Entertainment   has      been   supplying   South   and Central   Florida   with   the   best   disc   jockey,   master   of   ceremonies,   wedding   and   corporate   entertainment services   possible.   Our   entertainment   services   have   also   taken   us   throughout   the   state   and   across   the country.
We   add   excitement   to   any   affair   with   a   personal   & professional   touch.   With   over   30   years   experience,   our courteous   staff   is   dedicated   to   your   total   satisfaction. Have   A   Touch   Of   Class   Entertainment   at   your   next event   and   we   will   create   the   mood   needed   to   turn   your event into a celebration. When   it   comes   to   music,   whether   it   be   a   DJ   or   a   live band,      anyonecan   play         song         after            song,      however, A   Touch   Of      Class   Entertainment   creates   energy   and excitement    with    class    and    professionalism.    We    are recognized   as   one   of   the   best   DJ   companies   in   Florida. We    will    customize    your    event    to    fit    your    particular needs,   for   a   formal   event   with   class   &   elegance   to   a fun   and   high   energy   event   filled   with   exciting   memories that    will    last    a    lifetime.    When    you    order    our    fun services,   we   will   supply   you   with   clean,   professional and   fun   staff   members   to   see   to   your   every   detail.   Now sit back, relax and take a journey through our website! South   Florida   live   entertainment   is   a   challenging   and competitive      industry.      Choosing      and      a      proven, experienced     company     like     A     Touch     Of     Class Entertainment   for   any   type   of   function   you   can   rest assured   you’re   making   the   right   choice.   Our   reputation and   continued   effort   of   providing   top   shelf   performers and   quality   service   has   been   the   basis   for   our   success. Please   look   through   the   rest   of   our   site   for   information on     our     live     entertainment     options     in     Miami,     Ft. Lauderdale,   West   Palm   Beach,   The   Keys,   and   the   rest of South Florida.